Payment processing that MOVES your products in bunches

With over 415,000 establishments in the wholesale distribution industry in the United States, OPS is capable of handling large transactions rather delicately. With our own Risk Management department, OPS is able to prevent frauds, while processing tens and thousands of dollars per transaction. Guiding our merchants with helpful tips and knowledge to smoothly MOVE their wholesale businesses is the number one priority for OPS.

Collecting right info on invoices

- Cardholder name, address, and phone number

- Description of the purchase

- Sales amount

- Number of items

- Business name, address, and phone number

MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order)

  • When it comes to taking credit card payments without cardholders being present, there are a couple of key info you need to gather

- CVV2 Code

- Cardholder’s Name, Address, and Phone Number

- Cardholder’s Billing Zip Code

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