Personally installed to SATISFY your business needs

To help your business meet its full potential, OPS provides and installs traditional credit card terminals at no cost. Connected to either an Internet line or a phone line, the traditional terminals are able to SATISFY many business owners. It is a solution that could satisfy your business needs.

Built to fit your business needs

Free terminals and supplies

EMV Terminals

Accessible anywhere in the country

Installations provided by professionals

Accepts debit cards & EBTs with Pin Pads

Introducing UP T

Smart Terminal

Personally built to SATISFY your detailed business needs

Tableside Ordering and Pay-At-The Table

UP T is a handheld smart terminal everyone will love!

UP T seamlessly integrates with our UP Restaurant software to perfectly fit into any casual to fine dining restaurant


  • Maximize operational efficiencies, from order taking to payment

  • Enhance customer experience with more “face time” and minimal wait

  • Minimize order errors associated with pen and pad orders or servers’ memories

  • Increase profitability through quicker table turns


  • 5.5-inch Touch Screen Display

  • Built-In EMV and Mag-Stripe Reader (MSR)

  • NFC for Mobile Payments

  • Scanners for QR Codes and Barcodes

  • Built-In Receipt Printer