Payment processing that FEEDS your business everyday

With over a million restaurant establishments in the United States, OPS is an industry leader when it comes to kick-starting and enriching your restaurants. With up-to-date POS system, as well as EMV terminals that allow your restaurants to operate efficiently and smoothly, OPS has a massive interest in your business’ well-being. Fully equipped with industry-leading technology, OPS continues to FEED all our merchants a healthy dose of nutrition.

Find out which OPS restaurant device would fit your business

Restaurant POS

Restaurant Tablet


EMV Terminals


POS Installation

  • Receive merchant’s restaurant menu

  • Set up the menu in POS Hardware

  • Set up an installation schedule

  • Team goes out to install POS

POS Training

  • Face to face training available

  • Over the phone training provided

  • Remote training upon requests (Cloud System)

  • Able to update and fix remotely (Cloud System)

Processing all the plates we can

  • 99% approval ratio

  • Next Day Funding

  • Free restaurant-necessary supplies

  • Lowest rate in the industry

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