Payment processing that ATTRACTS world-wide customers

With over $500 Billion US Dollars in E-Commerce sales in 2018, online business is the fastest growing form of all businesses in the world, and in the United States today. OPS offers secure payment gateway for your business to receive funds through your own website. Partnering up with, OPS is able to process your online transaction. Accepting credit cards online should increase sales and allow your business to attract more consumers around the globe. Having online presence will only ATTRACT more consumers, and OPS is happy to service them all.

If you have your own website

OPS will link a payment gateway with your existing website, after verifying SSL Certification, and complete the payment window process

If you don’t have your own website (Virtual Terminal)

OPS will hook up an account with your business merchant account, enabling you to take payments online without a terminal. This is called a Virtual Terminal

PCI Web Portal

Providing merchants with a secure processing environment is a top priority at OPS. To that end, we educate and work with merchant to be PCI DSS compliant with the most up-to-date security standards in the industry. PCI DSS protects highly sensitive card information from fraudulent influences. PCI DSS affects all parties who handle payment cards – including the merchants. Our proprietary PCI SAQ web Portal is an integral part of our PCI compliance                []