Personally available to MEET your business needs

Along with the POS and the Tablet Series, OPS presents UP Kiosk that works tirelessly for your business. It will never call in sick, and it will never be incompetent. UP Kiosk will always MEET your customers to accommodate their orders and save your headache. UP Kiosk is a solution that could meet your business needs.

Maximize Floor Space

Stay Up-To-Date

Increase Accuracy

Linked to UP Cloud

Minimize Payroll

Multi Languages

Reduce Wait Time

Works Everyday

Increase Efficiency

No Complains

Need to Reduce Customer Wait Time?

Enable customers to place their own orders. UP Kiosk orders are sent directly to the kitchen to eliminate error and boost efficiency

Worried about Limited Counter/ Free Space?

UP Kiosk’s all-in-one concept design fits any interior without taking up valuable floor or counter space. You can mount it to wall or have it free standing, it’s up to you

Need a Place for

In-Store Advertising?

Losing or Forgetting to Put in Orders?

UP Kiosk can serve as a digital billboard when not used to take orders. Promote your brand, products, and engage in marketing campaigns at no extra cost

Orders from the Kiosk are sent directly to the kitchen for immediate processing

Not Comfortable with Setup or Maintenance?

UP Kiosk is designed so it can be set up by 1 person. UP Kiosk is simple and easy to use. The user’s manual is directly accessible from the UP Kiosk screen

Selling Weighted Food Items?

Weighted food items can be sold according to various container sizes with an attached weight scale

There are three different configurations for the Kiosk

Want to accept the latest payment types? UP Kiosk has a built-in MSR and EMV reader

Accept QR Code Payments

Accept select QR code based payments like Airpay and WeChatPay

Scan coupon or promo codes using the built-in barcode scanner for discounts or to make payments

Promotions/ Coupons

Pre-Orders and QR Code Scanner

Customers can pre-order from Epipay and then scan their QR code from their phones

Pick-Up Number

Pick-up or order number displays screens can be integrated so customers know when their order is ready

The POS and Kiosk are synced via UP Cloud, so there is no need to worry about loss of data*








*UP Restaurant® software required.