FlexGift + Loyalty

PERFECT WAY to keep your consumers happy at your business

All business owners have one goal – to have repeat customers. Worry no more! OPS has a PERFECT WAY! We present FlexGift + Loyalty program that enables business owners a way to reward your existing customers, and to retain them happily. FlexGift + Loyalty program provides a cost-effective marketing plan to merchants of all sizes. This business solution has the ability to maintain their own branded FlexGift + Loyalty card program with added benefit of maintaining their customer database to encourage repeat customers.

Loyalty Program

Reward customers for their loyalty

Accumulate points for every dollar spent

Redeem the points for products or services

Gift Card Program

Customers can purchase pre-paid gift cards

Could be used like cash at establishments

Promoting business to new customers

Customized Designs

Able to customize cards with any design

Increase Revenue

Encourage return customers and promote new customers

Real-Time Reporting

24/7 access to keep track of all gift and loyalty activity

Bundled Pricing Plan

Flat monthly rate plans available


E-Mail Gift cards from the merchant directly to customers

E-Gift Features

Send E-Gift cards via email

QR Code, barcode format

FlextGift Mobile App

Customers can now carry all their FlexGift cards in one place – their phone

FlexGift Mobile App Features

  • Register multiple cards

  • Transfer balance between cards

  • Report lost or stolen cards