Have you ever wondered whereabouts of your deliver guy? Wonder no more! OPS introduces Epiway, a companion app to Epipay, for UP Restaurant and UP Tab Restaurant that manages delivery orders.

It is a CLEAR WAY for restaurant owners and managers to assign orders to their delivery staff through POS System. Drivers can also plan the quickest route to their destinations and accept payment from their data-enabled mobile devices.

How it works

Download Epiway mobile app

Arrange and assign delivery orders

Order details are sent to deliver staff

Owners can check real-time status at each delivery

Integrated GPS

The integrated GPS features can plan the most efficient route for multiple deliveries

Mobile Payment

Using OPS mobile devices, drivers can accept card payments right from the app

Deliver Management Application with

Mobile delivery app syncs with UP Tab Restaurant

Convenient Mobile App

GPS Routing and Navigation

Delivery orders from the POS System sent seamlessly to delivery app

Review order details

EMV chip payment available

Check customer information

Customer chooses a delivery option

Manage assign orders to delivery staff

Accurate delivery by in-app navigation

Mobile payment acceptance available