QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

Payment processing that QUICKLY MEETS your business needs

With over 200,000 Quick Service Restaurant franchises established in the United States, OPS provides your business with various options to make your payment processing quick and easy. Equipped with a multiple device that could QUICKLY MEETS needs of Quick Service Restaurants, OPS truly brings a customized solutions that benefits and Quick Service Restaurant owners.

Find out which OPS QSR device would fit your business

Restaurant POS

Restaurant Tablet




Which QSR business are you?

Limited-service eateries


Beverage Bars (Coffee, Boba)

Ice Cream Parlors

Carry Out Pizza



QSR Rate Chart

OPS customizes its rate chart for QSR owners only – charge little to nothing on transaction fees to minimize monthly cost

Multiple Devices in One

OPS UP POS/ UP Tab solutions interlink with each other, helping business owners to operate quickly, yet effiectively

Opening up a QSR and needs a hand?