Payment processing that KEEPS your business going

With nearly 4 million Retail establishments in the United States, OPS proudly helps tens and thousands of retail merchants by establishing and processing their merchant accounts. All of our retail merchants enjoy the lowest possible rates, while receiving the best possible customer services. OPS offers various devices to help your business receive funds smoothly, and KEEP your business going.

No long term contracts

No early termination fees

No set-up fees

No start-up fees

Free statement analysis

Free up-to-date EMV terminals

Free supplies for all merchants

Free installation by professional technicians

99% approval ratio

Same day MID/TID downloads

Next Day Funding

Multi language customer service support

Find out which retail device would fit your business the best

How Statement Analysis works, and how it might benefit your business

A merchant is unsatisfied with current rates and fees

Looking into other processing companies

Reach out to OPS for a statement analysis

OPS professional companies and contrasts merchant’s current statement

Leaves the merchant happy and satisfied

Answers all the questions the merchant might have

Meets the merchant and explains in detail

Comes up with an analysis that shows exactly how much could have been saved

Wish to try a free Statement Analysis?