Cloud Service

AWESOME WAY to keep your business afloat above other competitors

You ever think about operating your business efficiently on a remote location? OPS Cloud Service is the AWESOME WAY to answer. It provides merchants the peace of mind to run their business anytime or anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud Service possesses intuitive management features essential to running a profitable business – live employee clock in and out, sales, reporting, and inventory management.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Employee Management

  • Sales history

  • Inventory management

  • Detailed sales report

  • Schedule, commission and payroll management

  • Track sales records

Customer Management

  • Purchasing history and number of visits

  • Membership program

Digital Marketing

  • Send E-Coupons and promotions by email

Menu Management

  • Modify menus and prices

  • Track top 10 services

Digital Marketing


  • Bundles service to create customer packages and offers

  • Increase exposure

  • Promote new business

  • Generate increased business from current customers

  • Personalize offers by customer profile


  • Discount items or services by dollar amount or percentage

  • Build loyalty

  • Create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

  • Personalize offers by customer profile