Solutions; Payment Processing

At ONE Payment Services we want to provide you with the best payment processing solution for your business. We offer a variety of merchant services that will allow you to accept credit card payments -

  • 99% approval ratio
  • Same day mid/tid's & terminal downloads provided
  • Multilingual Services Available
  • In-house deployment services

Our products and services are designed to process many types of payments. We support all major card organizations including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Japanese Credit Bank (JCB), EBT and Debit card transactions. We also settle the funds through the card Associations (e.g. MasterCard® and Visa®) and deposit funds to your checking account. In addition, we handle processing, merchant billing and account activity reporting. We do not just sell credit card processing services. We also provide security, dependability, and peace of mind. We do Payment processing for:

Payment processing for:
  • E-commerce
  • MOTO - Mail Order/Telephone Order
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Other Industries
Solutions; Payment Processing
What is Mail/Phone Order?

Mail Order/Telephone Orders are non Face-to-Face transactions. When merchandise is sold via phone/mail. This service complements those merchants who do not have a store front location however; this service can be added to merchants who do sell to customers in a face to face environment.

What is a Retail account?

With retail merchant accounts, merchants will process face-to-face sales through a credit card terminal. Most of these sales will be swiped with less than 25% of the sales keyed. Most consumers these days understand that they can use their credit and debit cards at the most renowned businesses.

What is a Restaurant account?

Restaurant account is like retail accounts except you can accept tip with just a single transaction.

What are debit cards?

Debit cards at the point of sale are an alternative payment method. When goods or services are purchased with an ATM Debit Card, the funds are removed from the customer's checking account. In addition to the standard ATM cards, many banks also issue the Visa Check Card and/or MasterCard's Master Money Card - both of which can be used in either an online or offline debit arena.

What is Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)?

EBT is the automation of cash or cash-like benefits through electronic authorization, data capture and settlement processes. This is accomplished with the use of plastic magnetic-striped cards at the point-of-sale terminal. The end result is the elimination of coupon benefits distribution. The electronic process results in increased security, thereby reducing fraud and benefit misuse.

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